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Bad Star [userpic]
A song for Mercury/Hermes
by Bad Star (fuego)
at December 3rd, 2008 (09:51 pm)

Hey folks...I've had this song kicking around my ipod for a few months now, but was just listening to it last night have had it stuck on repeat with a few other songs, I just can't stop listening to it, I thought I would share. The song is Mercury by Heidi Berry. I wish she had a sound clip on her website that I could link to, but there's none. (If anyone here subscribes to emusic, that's where I found the song)

Here, at least are the lyrics:

I walk through the graveyard and a late snow is on the ground
The bones lying underneath the ivy
Black crow flies high, his shadow moves across the stones
The snow that melts my footprint melts away
I turn from the West gate and look to the east
I will await the coming dawn to welcome the traveller home
I wonder if you hear me singing softly to myself
And I wonder do you recognise the tune
And times I've been so lonely for another human sound
I have cried and shouted to myself
I turn from the West gate and look to the east
I will await the coming dawn to welcome the traveller home
Dawn to dusk and dust to dust and days of mercury
In my mind's eye the time goes by is set like a crystal
At the end of the year the days grow dim, I feel the time go by
But you can't hold on to mercury.
You turn from the West gate and you look to the east
While earth awaits the coming dawn
To welcome the traveller home

Unfortunately, just reading the lyrics does the song no justice. I don't generally listen to anything quite as folksy as this, but I don't think I could imagine this one any way besides what it is. Like I said, kinda folksy, vaguely reminiscent of some Celtic music. Her voice is low and a little sad, kinda wistful. It's been a while since a song really grabbed me like this and I couldn't not share it with others that might be interested.

ETA: I've been informed that this song is available on iTunes, so if you've got it, you can hear a clip there.


Posted by: Thomas Irvin (thomasirvin)
Posted at: September 2nd, 2016 12:11 pm (UTC)

You seem to be the only place in the entire web that has lyrics to this song. I suppose congratulations are in order for that, or at least thanks.

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